Greek holiday up - date

Dear all,

We are communicating with you in a way of brief update of the economic situation in Greece and what this practically means to the holiday-makers

The Greek Government has announced a Referendum for the coming Sunday, July 5th , in order to accept or reject the EU proposal for the extension of the bailout program.

In co-ordination with the ECB, that continues to provide a safety net for the Greek Banks, the Greek Government has announced a Bank holiday and a capital control process, in order to secure its banking system and deal with the situation in an orderly manner.

Practically, for Greek people and visitors, the Central Bank of Greece is supervising the supply of the ATMs with cash, giving priority to the touristic areas so no shortfall is experienced there. 

The capital control process applies only to the credit and debit cards issued by Greek banks, namely the credit and debit cards of the foreign visitors are fully operational, both for purchases in POS, as well as cash withdrawal from ATMs, maintaining the limits they have in their home country.

The vast majority of hotels in the destination, have more than enough supplies to cover their operational needs for a number of weeks. The hotel staff and suppliers will continue to offer their services and products without interruption. 

Transportation, including transfers and excursions are operated normally and the reserve fuel supply in Greece is adequate for a number of months.

In addition, although there is general public worry, the situation is peaceful and quite all over the country.

Operations in all private and public sectors, including health-related services from hospitals and doctors, transportation in airports and ports continue as normal.

Overall, even under temporary control measures for the economy, there is little influence in tourism related activities. Regardless the situation on the political stage, tourism remains the main Greek industry and Greece is a safe and tourist-friendly country. 

The management and staff of Greco Deltanet Services S.A. would like to assure you that everything is under control and a smooth operation and holiday of our guests can be ensured.

We will proactively keep you updated for any further developments

With kind regards
Michalis Vamiedakis

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